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Vitamin F forte

Vitamin F Forte contains polyunsaturated essential free fatty acids with a particularly high content of linoleic acid in its natural form (C18:2; 9cis 12cis). The product is derived from safflower oil, which is subjected to high-pressure ester cleavage, with subsequent fractionated vacuum distillation. Vitamin F forte is designed for application to dry, seborrhoic skin with disturbed lipid barrier as well as for dry scalps with brittle and shineless hair.


• Restores the lipid barrier of the stratum corneum and reduces elevated TEWL
• Revitalizes hair, improving the hair condition and the comb-ability
• Strengthens hair and prevents hair breakage
• Nourishes rough dry scalp


Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid
Soft-Oil-Gel After Shave
Silky, soft oil-gel to soothe and heal post shave skin.
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